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In the older days, the greek island of Andros was called “Micra Anglia” due to the fact that most of the inhabitants were successful sailors and ship owners. The island was abundant and affluent – so affluent that it could measure up to Great Britain. Micra Anglia is also the name of the jewel of the island, the hotel we stayed at, while there!

The hotel got this name from a greek book that later became a feature film that was nominated for and actually won many awards in Greece and abroad. The movie was about two sisters from a good family who were in love with the same man who was a sailor and the tragedy and complications that followed all this. It was an exploration of the feminine emotional world and a verification of the fact that Andros and all those small islands were under the power of the patriarchal theme that society had imposed on them. The writer of the book Ioanna Karystiani and the director, the acclaimed Pantelis Voulgaris, managed to exceed their expectationl with this masterpiece. Part of the movie, was filmed in the Micra Anglia boutique hotel.

Our aristocratic boutique hotel is located in the main village of the island, Chora Andros, which is the most fascinating place on this piece of land. Chora Andros is like a small picturesque village up on a mountain, only it is right on the sea shore. Micra Anglia is a 5* boutique hotel, as simple and elegant as its history. It started out with twelve rooms in one building and now it has expanded to three different buildings and twenty one rooms and suites, impeccably converted to a luxurious mini island escape. All of them are built with great respect to the architecture of the island and that era, the era of the 1930’s. Pastels and greys are the colours of this place.

Poems are seen all around the Micra Anglia, particularly on the walls. Breakfast is made every single day with local delicacies that are a divine sensation to ones’ mouth. I personally spent most of my time in my room absorbing all the energy of a bygone era that had stigmatized the ladies and gents of the island in a particularly trivial way. It was so inspiring. Plus, our mattresses were Cocomat which I personally adore, since they are made of cocoa fibres. When I was not in my room with the excuisite chandeliers and tulle covers, I was relaxing by the glass pool on the comfy colourful poofs. 

This year the Spa has been a great addition, and much needed. Elxis Spa is the company that manages it, a company that has vast experience in therapeutic and relaxation Spa methods. The building of the Spa was specifically designed to create a quiet heaven. During the night, a visit to Dolly’s Bar Restaurant was a must. Fresh fish, handmade pasta, cherry tomatoes and local limes were a delicious addition to our whole experience!
Before we left the island, I could not help myself and I visited Filotexno store to buy my summer sandals and our hotels reception to get some locally handmade soap, Soap By Eleni, and I don’t need to say that my drawers have had an amazing aroma ever since …

All in all, this place is chivalrous and deeply based on tradition, the tradition of the island of Andros with a little bit of movie set charm!

Photos: Courtesy of the hotel

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