Dr. Jedidiah Ballard – Tips for Staying Fit during Covid-19 Stay at Home

Body by Ballard

Stretching, Photo credit: Alora Griffiths

Body by Ballard

Dr. Jedidiah Ballard

Isopure Athlete, Dr. Jedidiah Ballard, has climbed Mount Hood, finished the World’s Toughest Mudder and competed in America Ninja Warrior to mention just a few of his fitness accomplishments. His humanitarian efforts extend to four different continents. He served as a battalion surgeon with the U.S. Army Rangers in Afghanistan. He regularly teaches clinical ultrasound courses to physicians in Panama and Peru. He also worked at Denver Children’s Hospital Burn Camp. He finished building a 5,000-squarefoot cabin in Montana for his parents. Everyone should have a son like him. If he has time for all this as an E.R. physician, can we not find time during these tough times to exercise and eat right? Many of us have too much time right now and knowing that it only takes 3-4 weeks of changing your behavior to make it habitual let us start today. Dr. Ballard firmly believes “People have time for what they make time for, period.” He is committed to helping non-gym people work simple common sense fitness into their lives.

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Here are Dr. Jedidiah Ballard’s six tips for achieving fitness during quarantine:

1) The number one tip is consistency that translate to exercising 6 days a week. Do something rather than nothing. Take a 20 minute walk or do a half hour of Yoga or if you feel up to it try something more intense like a mile run or hike up a hill.

2) Hit the 4 different muscular regions of your body in a balanced manner using the following Resistance Training :

  • Push-ups for the chest, shoulders, and triceps
  • Pull-backs and biceps-row for the arms
  •  Squats for the Quadriceps, Gluteus maximus, medius and minimus
  • Bicycle Crunches for the core- abdominal, obliques, and spinal erector muscles
Photo credit: Jonathan Borba

3) Balance your work-outs with both resistance and cardio training. Muscles need 48 hour recovery time. Your recommended weekly schedule is Monday-Resistance Tuesday-Cardio Wednesday-Yoga/ Stretch 30 minutes-1 hour Thursday-Resistance Friday-Cardio Saturday-Long walk/hike Sunday-Rest

Photo credit: Kari Shea

4) Establish reasonable, focused fitness goals. You do not need to track everything, but do challenge yourself to measure your progress. Try first to do 10 push-ups without stopping, then 20 up to 100. Run a mile; achieve chin-ups.

5) Involve friends or family. Create healthy competition remembering to be socially responsible by 6 foot distancing and not gathering in large groups. You can involve friends online to keep you on track and honest. Lifting small children can work as effective weights especially wriggling laughing toddlers. Kettle Bells because of their instability are great for activating your core.

Photo credit: Anupam Mahapatra

6) Do not get frustrated that you are not able to re-create your typical gym work-out. A change of pace for your body helps prevent over-training injuries. Dr. Ballard believes your body needs different seasons of exercise. Take your time to try new exercises; experiment and be conscious to let your body heal. Gyms will be open soon enough and you can go back to training how you are accustomed to. It is critical during Covid-19 Pandemic to keep our immune systems healthy by keeping our level of fitness level up, or by starting to establish it.

Cardio, Photo: Jenny Hill

In 2016 Dr. Jedidiah Ballard was named Ultimate Men’s Health Guy and featured on the cover of their magazine. Starting and exercise program during the quarantine and being consistent can help make you feel like your own Ultimate Gal or Guy’s Fitness Champion even if you are not featured on the cover of a magazine.

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