As comfy as it gets – Paros Comfy Suites review!

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One of the most lovable islands of Greece is Paros! Well known to surfers and not only. That is the island I decided to visit this time. My hotel choice was a very distinct one. Its name is Paros Comfy Suites. I did choose it at first for its name, since I did need to be comfortable and without a lot of hustle but when I actually arrived there, I found so much more!

Paros Comfy Suite is an beautiful boutique hotel near Naousa, the town that all the action takes place and by far with the best vibe! Located right on the sea and exactly next to two of my favorite beaches like Santa Marina, it was all that I needed at the time. This boutique hotel hosts fourteen super cute suites that are equipped with all the amenities a traveler needs. Its modern aesthetic and exceptional services make sure the experience you get is unique.

Inside the rooms, the mattresses used are from Coco Mat, with coco fibers and 100% organic materials, ensuring the most relaxing sleep during your stay. Zealots of Nature are another little surprise that I enjoyed. A Greek amenities brand with organic material, virgin olive oil and herbs ready to apply directly on your skin after the hot sun of the island and guess what, it’s the first boutique hotel that I found Netflix available on the TV!

Breakfast is, as we all know, is the most important meal of the day! Paros Comfy Suites breakfast is prepared from an up-and-coming young chef that paints on a canvas/dish if you allow me say that! Every single thing that I tasted was divine! Eggs from the local farms, cheese and honey from the islands’ producers and freshly squished orange juice make your day.

Next to the breakfast area, one can find the Petra Boutique shop! A boutique, quite different from others. No walls, just natural/chemical free wood, open space and vibrant aura. The caftans and jewelry I bought were “oh my god”. The boutique though was not the only open space there. The gym was also another amazing surprise and especially now, during covid times!

When in Paros, do try and stroll around the small alleys and find little gems hidden here and there! Two of my personal places to renew your summer wardrobe and buy your gifts are “White In Paros” and “KK Kim Killian” and my favorite places to eat are Stilvi and Barbarossa!
Enjoy …

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