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Hollywood Glamour at Doris Bergman’s Eleventh Annual Luxury Lounge and Luncheon – Celebrating the Emmy Season

The Doris Bergman’s Eleventh Annual Luxury Lounge and Luncheon, in celebration of the Emmy Season, was held at the beautiful, iconic and chic restaurant, La Boheme located in West Hollywood. This special event showcased luxury […]
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Altitude not Attitude – The True Life Story of Michael Warkentin – An Upbeat Man Bound to a Wheelchair

Altitude not Attitude” is an inspirational documentary that explores the “trips of a lifetime”, the daily obstacles, the psychological hurdles and the life of Michael Warkentin, a quadriplegic. In the early 1990’s, Michael was a […]
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Lauren Greenfield’s Showtime documentary, “The Kingmaker” spotlights Former First Lady, Imelda Marcos’ past political history and present ambitions.    […]